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UNIX & Mac:

Users’ Guide:
qlaci R Package users’ guide


The qlaci (Q-learning with adaptive confidence intervals) R package can be used with data from a sequential, multiple assignment, randomized trial (SMART) to design an adaptive intervention. The qlaci R package requires R 2.15, available for free download. This is the recommended platform for running this package.

Operating Systems

Windows users:
Download, a binary package. Make sure to use the exact file name “”.

UNIX & Mac users:
Download qlaci.tar.gz and install as a source package.
R CMD INSTALL qlaci.tar.gz

Recommended Citations

Ertefaie, A., Deng, K., Wagner, A. T., & Murphy, S. A. (2014). qlaci R package for using q-learning to construct adaptive interventions using data from a SMART (Version 1.0). University Park: The Methodology Center, Penn State. Available from

qlaci R package (Version 1.0) [Software]. (2014). University Park: The Methodology Center, Penn State. Retrieved from

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