Anil Battalahalli Sreenath

Graduate Student

Applied Statistics; Literature, Science, & the Arts, University of Michigan


About Anil Battalahalli Sreenath

Anil graduated from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor with an Applied Statistics Masters in 2022. He worked as a Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) at the d3c under the guidance of Dr. Almirall from September 2021. During his time at the lab, he worked on research pertaining to Clustered Sequential Multiple Randomized Trials (SMART) with Anandkumar Patel and developed software tools in R for data generation and estimation for clustered SMARTs. While he works as a full-time statistician at Westat, a research firm based in Rockville, Maryland, Anil plans to continue working with co-director Daniel Almirall on the development of a multilevel approach for analyzing data that arises from a clustered SMART.

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