We are the Data Science for Dynamic Intervention Decision-Making Center.

As we develop the methodological toolkit scientists need to address today’s biggest public health challenges, we’re collaborating with and training scientific partners to implement our methodology to solve real-world problems. Through partnerships with stakeholders around the world, we will catalyze a new generation of evidence-based, technology-powered treatments that improve health and education outcomes for everyone.

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Our Focus Areas

Advancing the science of adaptive interventions.

Advancing mobile health interventions.

Integrating human-delivered and digital interventions.

Solving implementation challenges.

Our Partners

We work closely with teams at NYU and Harvard to conduct novel studies that produce insights to drive the development of our methods.

Intervention optimization is a systematic approach to designing interventions that are both effective and resource-efficient. Led by d3center PI Linda Collins, cadio at NYU is promoting intervention optimization through the MOST framework, which provides a theoretical basis for implementing our tools.

d3center PI Susan A. Murphy heads the Statistical Reinforcement Learning Lab at Harvard University. She and her team conduct studies developed with our methods that use real-time algorithms to learn and optimize the delivery of digital interventions.

Our Collaborators

Our interdisciplinary team of data scientists consults with research centers around the country to develop cutting-edge studies for the development of adaptive interventions.

Let’s Work Together

We’re building a community of scientists with an interest in developing adaptive interventions, and there are more ways than ever to collaborate.