Pilot Grant Program

The Data Science for Dynamic Decision-making Center (d3c) at the University of Michigan
is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to develop novel experimental designs and data analytic methods for optimizing adaptive interventions. These interventions use dynamic information about the individual to decide whether and how to modify the type, intensity, or delivery modality of treatment. A special interest is in adaptive interventions that leverage new mobile and sensing technology to adapt and personalize interventions in real time, as individuals go about their daily lives.

A portion of this funding has been designated for small projects designed to nurture collaborations and generate new externally funded research projects focused on optimizing adaptive interventions for preventing and treating substance use disorders (SUD) and HIV. This pilot grant program is augmented by the Rogel Cancer Center at the University of Michigan to support additional small projects that focus on adaptive interventions to improve outcomes at the intersection of cancer and substance use (or misuse). Although not a requirement, projects that focus on HIV or health equity are encouraged.

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