Innovations in Digital Interventions for Substance Use

d3c and the Dartmouth Center for Technology and Behavioral Health (CTBH) are excited to host the symposium “Innovations in Digital Interventions for Substance Use” at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) 86th Annual Scientific Meeting on June 19, from 8-9:30 am.

Digital technology is at the forefront of modernizing behavioral interventions for substance use, and the expertise of d3c and CTBH scholars is propelling this evolution. This session will highlight our NIH/NIDA-funded pilot projects, each exemplifying transformative digital solutions for substance use intervention.

Pilot Projects to be highlighted include:

  • Development of a Personalized Just-In-Time Adaptive Intervention for Emerging Adults with Regular Cannabis Use
    Lara N. Coughlin
  • Development and Initial Testing of a Digital Opioid Safety Intervention for Pharmacy Settings
    Deepika Rao
  • Development of a Digital Intervention for Positive Valence System Dysfunction in Co-Occurring Depression and Cannabis Use
    Amanda C. Collins
  • Co-Designing a Dyadic Parent-Teen Digital Intervention to Prevent Substance Use
    Amy Hughes Lansing, Inbal Nahum-Shani, Susan Murphy, Guy Shani & Catherine Stanger

The symposium will provide an overview of each project, their methodologies, the technology employed, and any outcomes. It will also serve as a platform for dialogue regarding the opportunities these technological innovations offer, as well as the challenges and considerations that come with implementing digital interventions in real-world settings.

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