d3c is excited to host an esteemed group of researchers from the RAND Corporation for the Adaptive Addiction Health Services Summit on June 19-20.

This summit convenes experts focused on the transformation and improvement of addiction treatment through adaptive intervention strategies. It brings together a broad range of researchers and statisticians from RAND, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis, alongside our own distinguished faculty and researchers.

During this two-day summit, participants will engage in discussions about the challenges and future of addiction treatment. In addition to a review of adaptive interventions and SMART experimental designs, the event’s agenda will focus on providing significant feedback on current RAND projects involving adaptive interventions. d3c faculty and researchers will offer methodological insights and evaluate study designs in collaborative sessions.

Topics for the Adaptive Addiction Health Services Summit include:

  • Adaptive interventions and SMART designs
  • Intervention Optimization
  • Adaptive implementation strategies
  • Multilevel adaptive implementation strategies
  • Adaptive interventions for individuals with co-occurring substance use disorder
  • Adaptive interventions for addiction treatment & recovery

The Adaptive Addiction Health Services Summit aims to catalyze significant strides forward in understanding and applying adaptive methods within addiction health services, reflecting our commitment to advancing public health and fostering systemic change.

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