This is JustIn.

Tour our concept of the JustIn platform to see how digital health researchers will develop interventions in the future.

Install & Run

Made with early-career researchers in mind, JustIn will offer a library of software modules tested in real-world studies and optimized to minimize development time and expense.

Free for All

No matter your institution or affiliation—so you can make your budget go further.

Community Led

In the future, users will create and submit new modules for inclusion in the library.

Mix and match

JustIn will allow researchers to combine existing software modules to build a custom study that fits their scientific goals.

Ecological Momentary Assessments

Deploy EMAs customized to your setting and research questions.

Biometric Sensor Integration

Integrate a wide range of sensors to collect the data you want.

Active Monitoring

Monitor incoming data for discrepancies to address issues as they emerge.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage reinforcement learning to construct intelligent, agile interventions.

Ensure Fidelity

JustIn will be built with robust logging and report by default to ensure studies are executed as designed.

Trust Your Data

Pre-test your study so you can deploy with confidence.

Reproduce Results

A standard software architecture will enhance reproducibility.

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