In partnership with The Mobile Technologies Core of the Eisenberg Family Depression Center at Michigan Medicine, d3c is working to form the Mobile Data Expert Network (MDEN). MDEN will facilitate knowledge sharing across research projects involving mobile health data and develop procedures for enhancing reproducibility and rigor.

The analysis of data derived from studies utilizing mobile technologies presents a myriad of challenges. For example, data curation and integration processes are nontrivial, requiring many decisions and assumptions with little empirical or methodological guidance. MDEN will focus on collaborative problem solving as well as developing and sharing tools and documentation to increase the capacity of University of Michigan researchers to conduct research using mobile devices.

We are looking for staff and junior faculty who are directly working on extraction, processing, and analysis of data from mobile devices (e.g., smartphones or wearables). It is our hope that you will encourage any colleagues you may have who are working with mobile data at U-M to become members of the MDEN.

To recommend a colleague, complete this form—or share it with them to complete on their own.

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