Easton Huch

Graduate Student

Department of Statistics
University of Michigan

About Easton Huch

Easton is a native of Canton, MI. He completed his bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics at Brigham Young University (BYU). Immediately following his bachelor’s degree, he stayed at BYU to complete a master’s degree in statistics. During his freshman year at BYU, Easton participated in NCAA Division I cross country and track & field. Also during his time at BYU, he took a two-year hiatus from schoolwork to serve as a volunteer in São Paulo, Brazil. After completing his master’s degree, Easton worked as a data scientist at Lucid Software for several years before beginning his PhD in statistics at the University of Michigan.

Easton is thrilled to be back in his hometown of Canton while working on his PhD. He lives with his wife, Katherine, and three children: Ellie, Olivia, and Nathaniel. Easton is jointly advised by Walter Dempsey (Biostatistics) and Fred Feinberg (Marketing). His research area is causal inference, with an emphasis on dynamic treatments (e.g., micro-randomized trials) and Bayesian methods. He also works within the d3 center as a graduate student research assistant (GSRA) with Walter Dempsey and Billie Nahum-Shani. His current GSRA project leverages external data to increase statistical precision in a micro-randomized trial analysis.

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