Qinggang Yu

Postdoctoral Fellow

Institute for Social Research
University of Michigan

About Qinggang Yu

Mixed Methods Researcher/Data Scientist experienced in tackling diverse types of structured and unstructured data (survey, brain images, electrophysiological signals, social media, big data) to gain insights in human cognition and behavior.

Trained as a social psychologist/neuroscientist, I study how our biological systems (e.g., physiology, brain functioning) and psychological well-being are fundamentally influenced by our social environment, such as human culture and social inequality. I use a wide range of study designs, including survey, experiment, observational methods and archival studies, and I’m experienced with various predictive modeling (e.g., machine learning, deep learning), statistical inference (frequentist, Bayesian), and visualization techniques.

In my spare time I enjoy applying data science to real-world data (e.g., sports I follow). For instance, I use NBA player stats and play-by-play data to analyze the link between shooting patterns and offensive impact and to evaluate and predict player performance.

Contact Information

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